Creating actionable insights in human health.

Designing Learning Methods for Health that are Robust, Private, and Fair

We work on robust machine learning model that can efficiently and accurately model events from healthcare data, and investigate best practices for multi-source integration, and learning domain appropriate representations.

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Auditing Bias and Improving Ethics in Health with ML

The labels we obtain from health research and health practices are all based on decisions made from humans, as part of a larger system. We work on auditing and improving model fairness, as well as understanding the trade-offs that other constructs such as privacy may dictate, are important parts of responsible machine learning in health.

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Addressing Challenges of Designing and Evaluating Systems

A perfect model will fail if it is not used appropriately, and doesn’t conform well to the environment it will operate in. We work to define how models can interact with expert and non-expert users so that overall health practice and knowledge is actually improved.

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